Dr. Roller specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions.

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Common questions about car accidents and chiropractic care...

"I wasn't hit very hard, and there aren't any damages. Do I really need to get the other drivers information?"

YES! Always, always, always exchange information after an accident. It may not seem like a big deal right away, but you may start to feel the effects from the accident hours, or even days later.

  • Dr. Roller's helpful hint: Take a picture of the other drivers license plate immediately after an accident, to protect yourself from a hit-and-run.

"The accident was my fault. Should I still seek chiropractic care? Will my insurance cover my care?"

Yes, even if the accident was your fault, you should still seek chiropractic care. You have just as much risk of injury, whether you are at fault or not. And the good news is that your auto insurance will cover your care either way!

  • Dr. Roller's helpful hint: Don't ever admit guilt at the scene of an accident. Let the investigator determine who is at fault.

"My child was in the car with me. Should they be seen by a chiropractor too?"

Absolutely! Children, especially younger children, are even more suseptable to injury in an auto accident because of their different head to torso ratio than that of an adult. Dr. Matthew Roller is able to treat children as young as just a few days old.

This is a picture of a 9 year old that has suffered ligament damage as a result of an auto accident.