Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Personal Injury Protection Benefits

PIP Benefit payments, also known as MED-Pay or No- Fault benefits, are made from the auto insurance policy of the car you were driving or riding in at the time of the accident, no matter which vehicle is at fault for the collision. The services that are covered can include, but are not limited to, hospital services, emergency transportation (ambulance or life flight services), nursing services, x-rays, surgery, dental, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and any other rehabilitative service.

(If you were a passenger in a collision, as long as insurance coverage includes PIP benefits, you should be covered by the driver's insurance.)

To begin receiving your PIP benefits you need to fill out a PIP application provided by your insurance company. If your insurance company does not provide you with a PIP application within one week after notifying them of the accident, contact your attorney IMMEDIATELY. No payments can be made until your application is received and an insurance claim is opened. Your attorney should be able to help you with any questions you may have while filling out the application.

Insurance Premiums

An important thing to know is that a PIP claim should not increase your monthly insurance premiums. Your insurance carrier will be reimbursed by the negligent driver's insurance. Your Personal Injury attorney should be able to help you with that procedure.


Do not discuss any details of the incident or injuries sustained in the accident with the insurance adjuster. The adjuster may ask for a recorded statement regarding the accident. Be sure to consult with your attorney before providing any statements. If you absolutely must discuss the collision and/or your injuries, be sure to keep any facts brief and very basic.

Records Release

Before the insurance company will pay you any benefits, you will need to sign a Medical Records Release. However, unless you are filing a claim for lost wages, an Employment Records Release is not necessary.